Radio communiactions


  • Radio communication through its own developed radio network that covers the whole Croatian territory 
  • Reliable mobile network is available everywhere and at all times 
  • There is no possibility of saturation channels like in public mobile networks 
  • Notifying users ten times faster than the public mobile network (all users simultaneously and continuously informed) 
  • Radio communication possible via conventional DMR digital radio network and Simulcast SFN (Single Frequency Network) DMR digital radio network 
  • Voice communication with radio stations directly from the application 
  • network access from anywhere with an Internet connection 
  • Continuous recording conversations, search and listen to audio recordings marked with a time marker and display the call ID number 
  • Relistening to more channels in realtime 
  • Send and receive text messages and checking the availability of radio stations in digital DMR system 
  • Telemetric data and remote control via DMR networks (SCADA) 
  • GPS locating radio stations via radio networks 
  • protected communications 
  • protection against eavesdropping by encryption of digital speech and data transferred 
  • 15 years of experience in building and managing our own radio network ensures quality service to our clients 



  • Better sound quality 
  • Sending text messages, data 
  • Programmability private working groups (allows individual polling as well as sending a group call) 
  • Remote control, data transmission
  • Group, individual, emergency calls 
  • Checking the availability of the mobile station 
  • If a repeater can not cover the entire area of ​​operation, two or more repeaters are placed  and communications are carried on separate, regionally limited channels 



  • An innovative approach to build digital DMR communications network using sophisticated technology 
  • Superior cover of all configuration, a possibility of complete interior coverage - buildings, industrial facilities, tunnels etc.
  • Superior resistance to impact noise, redundancy of network elements, remote monitoring system 
  • Easy and reliable connections 
  • Technology that takes over all the complications and difficulties in achieving connection