• Monitoring the movement of vehicles in real time 
  • View of the vehicle in the selected period 
  • View vehicles in the time display (location, speed, altitude, fuel level, vehicle on / off) 
  • Preview of the road 
  • Creating your own roads and print reports on the movement of traffic 
  • Creating a road by hand drawing or rapid import GPS location 
  • Creating objects of interest (works, accidents, construction site ...)
  • Vehicle tracking and review developments via the web interface - on a tablet or mobile phone 
  • Fuel Level Sensor Tank




  • The movement of vehicles in a day and period 
  • Movement of vehicles during working hours, and impermissible movement out of hours 
  • Detailed listing of movement on roads 
  • The average absolute fuel consumption 
  • Time spent at object - at the construction area
  • Print movement by default routes and roads 
  • Ability to export reports in AutoCad, GPRMC and GPX 




  • Topographic maps 
  • Open Street Map 
  • SGA map (display of tunnels, bridges, rest areas) 
  • Loading your location in Google Maps




  • Availability of labor connection tools on vehicles in summer and winter maintenance 
  • Monitoring and communication with vehicles moving through AVL Center 
  • Weather station equipped with solar telemetry and video surveillance cameras and intelligent road sensor: 

          - Autonomous operation-requires no external power 

          - Monitoring the condition of the pavement 

            - The temperature of the pavement 
            - Salinity and freezing temperatures 
            - The height of the water film 
            - Measurement of temperature, humidity and air pressure